30 things I’ve learned from being a mom



I remember back in 2013 I wrote down 30 things I’ve learned from being a mom, and today I look back at what I wrote and its still SO relevant today!

Here we go….

Things I’ve learnt so far from being a mom: (April, 2013)
1. Always carry wet wipes, you can never have too much of them!!!
2. Remember to bring a spare set of clothes wherever you go.
3. Barney and Noddy are actually quite irritating after watching it 6000 times.
4. Sugar is an enemy, especially anytime after 5pm.
5. Nido tastes disgusting, how do they drink the stuff?7. Sleeping through the night are what I call my MIRACLE nights.
8. Nappies are not cheap!
9. Never sleep in the same bed as your child, no sleep will take place.
10. Always go to child friendly places / restaurants with lots of screaming kids or you will get the evil eye from people.
11. Never go to bed later than 10:00pm on Friday or Saturday, you need your energy! Trust me!
12. Cleaning-up is mostly actually always un-useful and the outcome thereof never lasts very long.
13. Catch a quick nap when your toddler sleeps, this is probably my best advice!
14. I thank God for the person who opened Jimmy Jungles.
15. Cerelac actually tastes good!
16. Never leave your child with chocolate unattended.
17. Energy drinks go a looonnggg way!
18. When grocery shopping, 80% of the stuff in your trolley are baby items, I never knew they needed so much stuff.
19. Never buy your toddler white clothes…
20. Always have a flask with boiling water available, Eskom doesn’t care if you have a baby who needs boiling water for bottles.
21. Buying a bottle is not what it used to be, Who knew Avent, Nuk, Tommy Tippee and Dr. Brown were bottles?
22. I never knew it was possible to hug and kiss one person so much!
23. Flings are awesome! Ok, I knew this before I was a mom, I won’t lie!
24. When going on outings you marvel at the fact that there are actually other kids who are more of a terrorist than your own!
25. The terrible TWO’s ??? Who the heck came up with that? IT’S THE TERRIBLE ONES!!
26. Hidings or smacks really don’t work! I’ve given up on that! LOL Being the only disciplinarian of the house is a hard job, since she has my husband WHIPPED!
27. Always invest in a good steriliser and bottle brush, these things work day and night!
28. NEVER wake a sleeping child, they are so peaceful and beautiful when asleep.
29. Always buy neutral colours, the next one may be a boy, then what must you do with all the pink stuff?
30. and lastly, At the end of the day, when you have no time to yourself, the house looks a mess and you haven’t even brushed your hair, you’ll have that moment when putting your child to sleep and she will kiss you good night and then close her eyes and you’ll know it’s all worth it.  I Love being a Mom!  ❤



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