30 Things I want my kids to know


Lately I have been thinking, If anything ever happened to me what would I like my kids to know or what life lessons would I like to instil in them. I got to point 100 and thought oh Gosh no, let me narrow it down, so I have written down my top 30 things I would like them to know.

30 things I want my kids to know;

1) Life can get hard, you will have failures, you will have triumphs, through it all I want to be there with you a pillar you can lean on a shoulder you can cry on. If I can’t be, just know I want to be.
2) You can tell me anything, I don’t want you to be scared or hide anything from me, I will try to understand, I will not judge you, I will try to see things from your side. I might get angry, but I will still love you, my love for you is the only love that’s unconditional.
3) I will never put you in harms way, even when you question me, even when you hate me or my decisions, I do everything for you and to keep you safe.
4) I wanted you, I prayed for you, you are no mistake, you are my biggest blessing, you are my truest wish, my absolute greatest joy!
5) You will get hurt, you will stumble, and fall, mom and dad will be there for you, but if we are not we will be in spirit, be brave, be strong my child.
6) You will find Love one day, make sure they are worthy, make sure they too have beliefs and a strong moral compass to guide them. Make sure you love them to the best of your ability, give with your whole heart, love unconditionally, fight for love. Make sure they are your best friend and that they make you laugh, like real belly laughs.
7) Don’t give up too easily, too often we throw in the towel too quick, Rome wasn’t built in a day, don’t give up, try and try again.
8) Follow your dreams, no matter how unattainable, dreams do become realities. Dreams do come true.
9) DO what you LOVE, follow your passion in life, follow your heart. If you do what you love it won’t be a job.
10) Study! Even if you become an entrepreneur, Education is high in my books, Study anything you like, but just study, it makes you smarter, it engages your mind, you learn, you gain knowledge and that is POWER.
11) Don’t compare yourself to other people, you are your own person, jealousy gets you nowhere and you do not know the struggles of another.
12) Don’t judge: You don’t know why another person does what they do or how they came to certain decisions in life. Rather offer love, kindness and true advice.
13) Treasure your friendships, many will come and go, you will be lucky if one sticks, but if they are beside you through your hardships and through your successes treasure them. They are true.
14) Have kids, when you feel you are ready, there is not a right or a wrong age if you can support them, parenthood is the most AMAZING thing in the world, absolutely nothing comes close.
15) Get messy often, dance in the rain, play in the mud, paint and get it all over yourself.
16) Be creative often and get lost in it.
17) Be the best you, always put your best foot forward, you never know who is watching, be an example.
18) Cry, yes cry if you are sad, don’t hide your emotions you are not weak – you are human.
19) Play, laugh, be silly – you only live once.
20) Believe in something, regardless of religion, know that there is a higher power out there.
21) Always be honest.
22) Take criticism, even though it hurts, even though you don’t agree with it and ask yourself should I change, is this a valid point, can I do something differently?
23) Don’t let anyone bully or belittle you, stand your ground, speak up. You are strong, fight for what you believe in.
24) Travel – see things see the world, meet new people, engage in new cultures, eat new food, experience new things, speak/learn a new language.
25) Love each other, no matter the circumstance, no matter what, you are family, brother and sister, you are bonded forever.
26) Know your limits, be it alcohol, food, money, people, bad habits etc, know when enough is enough and walk away, be responsible.
27) Be kind ALWAYS. Use your talents for good. Help people in need when you can.
28) Apologise if you are wrong. We all make mistakes, learn from it.
29) Make as many memories as possible, take many pictures, place them in your heart.
30) Lastly, I love you with every fibre of every being in my body. This is the most important thing I want you to remember.

What do you want your kids to know? Do you want to leave life lessons behind if God forbid you now longer are around? Have you written it down? Is it important?



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