Things my daughter teaches me everyday

With my first pregnancy we didn’t want to know what we were having, we wanted it to be a surprise, this was my husband’s idea of course, I wanted to know immediately, but he convinced me to enjoy the ride and the suspense of not knowing and from that moment onwards its been the journey of our lives!
On the 2nd of August 2011, after 11 hours of labour I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, my whole world, that day my life changed forever, in more ways than one.

I want to share with you a bit of what I have learned from her, she teaches me something new EVERY single day;

Time management is for sissy’s:
Forget time, forget schedules and just be, be there in the moment, be there with her, just be present. All they want is your time, this is what I want to give her the most.
Be Fun Mum
Laugh and giggle, I was never much of a laugher or giggler before I had my daughter, she taught me this. I find myself laughing at her and with her all the time, she keeps me grounded, sane and happy.
Patience is a virtue? Huh?
Geez oh so much patience, to this day my patience is tested time and time again. Seems I needed to learn and am still learning this. “WOOO-SAA”
Creative minds a-like..
My daughter is the most creative soul, it inspires me EVERYDAY. I see it in everything she does, she gets so lost in it, its beautiful to watch, and even more beautiful to be a part of daily.
Tolerance and understanding
“Inner compassion and outer tolerance makes the world a better place”, she teaches me this all the time, I have to keep telling myself to think like her, she sees the world so differently, granted it is through the eyes of a child, but those eyes are my world and they SEE me for ME!
Imperfection is the new perfect!
She shows me daily how imperfect motherhood can be, I want to be perfect, but all she wants and craves are my imperfections, she teaches me that imperfections are ok.
It’s the small things that count
To her the small things are what matters, Not money, or grand gestures, or the best of anything or everything, but the small things.
Friendship makes the world go ‘round
She is everyone’s best friend, including mine, she has so many friends and is so friendly – totally gets this from her father. I cherish the friendships she has and its because of her that I have most of the friends I do. She brings girly giggles, dress-up, make-up, make-believe, sleep-overs and magic to our home and into our lives.
A Bond like no other
I never felt a bond like ours, I pray it never breaks or ends. We have our special bonding day/s now, it used to be all the time, but now its limited by having another baby, but she has taken it so well.
Affection, say WHAT?
I am NOT an affectionate person, but since I had her all I can do is kiss her and tell her how much I love her. She brings the LOVE out of me like no other, it so easy to Love her and be loved by her.
Silly Billy!
I don’t act silly, but being a mother demands it, funny faces and being entertaining keeps me young and keeps me silly. I let her get away with a lot, I let her get messy, I let her sing and dance in the rain, I let her play, I let her be her because it’s the most BEAUTIFUL thing to see. A child wild and free and full of glee!
You ARE enough!
Sometimes I wonder am I enough, does she need more, will she be ok, but she reassures me everyday that I am ok, that I am enough.
She is a strong, independent child and Automatically motherhood means you need to be strong, from bringing someone into the world, to being there for them, being their provider and total care giver, being a role model means being strong. Besides that, she makes me a stronger person, a stronger mother, a stronger woman and stronger individual.
Of all things she has taught me the best is love and kindness, she is the most kindest soul and gives her love so freely and openly. She teaches me that what love is and what true love can overcome. MY reason for knowing what unconditional Love means.

What has your daughter taught you? What do you Love about raising a daughter?
Please share your thoughts with me! xx



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