Our visit to the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch

Last week we were on our way home from Langebaan and it was still quite early and I wanted to do something with the kids, I remember seeing the Cape Town Ostrich Ranch  signs a few times so on the way home we made a stop there and decided to take their tour, what an amazing experience we had!

Wondering what to do with the kids during the holidays? Why don’t you go and take the tour!

When taking the tour you get to experience the following;

  1. Learn FUN Ostrich Facts! – From a very knowledgeable guide.
  2. Meeting the locals (Ostriches and babies) as well as some Emu’s.
  3. Spot Tom Thumb and interact with him.
  4. Feed the Ostriches.
  5. Sit on an Ostrich, touch and feel it too.
  6. Stand/Balance on an Ostrich EGG!
  7. Meet some other animals (Tortoise, baby crocs and Cheetah’s).
  8. Take LOTS of photos and make some amazing memories.
  9. Play in the play area, run around on the lush vast green grass or just relax under a tree and take in the scenery.
  10. Have a bite to eat.


  1. Learn some FUN Ostrich facts from a very knowledgeable guide! Hermann was our guide, he was so friendly and answered our 100’s of questions so easily and was so happy to do so, he had real passion in his answers and how he spoke about the ostriches. It was wonderful to be shown around by him.


2. Meeting the local’s was an absolute blast, we got to meet so many of them, each one different in their own right. The highlight for me was the babies, they were about 6 weeks old when we met them, they were adorable!



3. Spotting Tomb Thumb was Kirsten’s absolute favourite, I couldn’t keep her away from him! He holds the Guinness world Record for the smallest Ostrich in the world. He roams around free and is the most docile, friendly little Ostrich. We loved interacting with him!


4. Feeding the Ostriches was a bit daunting to start off with we were all a bit scared at first, but they are all mostly quite gentle and once we got into it, it was super fun!


5. Sitting on an Ostrich was quite something, but Kirsten’s really enjoyed being so close to it and getting to touch the Ostrich’s feathers and its neck. It made for some beautiful photo’s too!


6. Balancing on an Ostrich egg, wow who knew they were so strong? You’ll have to take the tour to find out why it does not break.


7. Meeting some of the other animals was also a treat, the baby tortoise was too cute, Kieran wanted to eat it. I never got a chance to snap some of the crocs as they were hiding in the water or the cheetahs as my camera memory was full.


8. I took hundreds of photo’s, too many to share, we made such lasting memories, the kids were in total awe, with a beautiful back drop of table mountain in the distance and a such pretty lush lawns, quaint café/restaurant and play area for the kids we will definitely be going back again soon!



INFO: Visit their Website on www.ostrichranch.co.za 

They also offer kids party packages, a restaurant / catering and a boutique.

PRICING: Guided tours range from R55 to R109 per person.


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