Why I Blog

The other day I was asked by my new found ‘mom-friend’ Chevon from Royal Boho why I started blogging, Its a question I’ve been asked quite a lot in fact, the answer is pretty simple, but I thought why not share it with you all?!

If I go back to my very first Blog post the answer lies there. (When I say very first blog post, that’s basically 10 posts ago) Hahahahaha! I know, I’ve been lazy, I have so many blog-post ideas, but being a mom – you know you work on them here and there, some of them never get finished and some of them do (the lucky ones). So, here’s my story….

How it started:

I’ve been a writer (of sorts) for many many years, mainly poetry, and I needed a way to channel all these idea’s and stories in my head. I wanted to write about my life, my experiences, my children and motherhood (mainly) and so one day I opened up wordpress after googling BLOGS and BOOM that’s where I started. I hadn’t read one persons blog before I started my own, and now you can’t keep me off all the amazing blogs, especially the mama blogs. I absolutely love reading them all. However, I have my favourites, want a great reading list? Ok, here we go a list of some of my favourites….

  1. Fun Mama SA – Judy and her little bear go on the most amazing adventures, she is honestly the MOST fun-mama I know, mother to 7 and wife, Judy’s educational background and FUN activities is what I love most about her. I call her — “The ULTIMATE mama” You can find her blog over at www.funmamasa.wordpress.com
  2. Lauren – Lauren and her 2 adorable girls are the definition of ADORABLE! I absolutely Love, love, love their fashion sense, junk food addictions and Lauren’s amazing home made cookies, she has inspired me on more than one occation! Let me not forget her amazing cooking and recipes. You can find her blog over at www.laurenstephen1.wordpress.com
  3. Raising Lu Ron Ok Keratilwe has the 2 most adorable little boys, the perfect definition of CUTENESS! Her love for photography and White Roses makes her a girl after my own heart. Her Instagram feed always gives me the feels! You can find her blog over at www.luron.co.za
  4. We are the Humans Nikki is a mom blogger with whom I can just totally always Stalk! She has the 2 most beautiful little girls!! What I love about her and her blog the most??? HER REAL-NESS, her total down to earth, FUNNY as HELL video and topics are THEE BEST! She makes motherhood real and honest even as a blogger. You can follow her blog over at www.wearethehumans.co.za
  5. Compassion Kid I have followed Ali for a while now and her posts always leave me in awe, she has a beautiful baby boy. Her openness, photo-skills, amazing vegan recipes and crafts are what sets her apart, but what I love most about this mommy in particular is her CREATIVITY, its mind blowing and it inspires me! Find her blog over at www.compassionkid.co.za

Guys, this list can honestly go on and on and on, but for now lets leave it here, lets call the above the “TOP 5 MOMMIES that I STALK”.

Getting back to the topic at hand…


  1. To be part of a community.
  2. To inspire or (if possible) help other mom’s along the way.
  3. To create awareness – Especially in the area’s of Post – partum Depression, pregnancy and motherhood.
  4. To channel my creativity.
  5. Most importantly I started to Blog so that one day when I am no longer around my children have memories, photo’s and words to look back on, I blog so that my kids can go on a journey with me, I blog so that my children have something to look back on as a journey we went on together and for me to also remember and treasure my journey through motherhood, after all this is my greatest journey!

So I ask the question… Why did YOU start blogging?

Love Mama N,

Yours in Mommy-hood


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