World Book Day – DIY Queen of Hearts Costume

Yesturday Kirsten had to dress-up as a book character for #WorldBookDay, I chose to do the Queen of Hearts… WHY? Because she is the Queen of MY HEART of course! It didn’t take much convincing, but she gave me free-ruin.

Here’s what we did.. It was pretty simple but totally CUTE~!

  1. The Crown – Just some white cardboard fit to size, cut into a crown and hearts stuck all over it with some more red cardboard.


2. The Stockings – I just took some black stockings, cut out some red Felt paper into hearts and glued them on with fabric glue.


3. The HUGE Queen of hearts Body card – I took 2 white cardboard papers (the big sized one) I think its A3, cut out the insides of a few playing cards, stuck them into a rectangle onto the cardboard, added some felt cut out heart-shapes, added the Q’s and the ” Off with their heads” with a red marker on the back cardboard piece, tied them together so it goes over the shoulders and VIOLA…


4. The Queens collar – I made this all out of playing cards, I stapled a bunch of them together and put it around Kirsten’s neck.

5. The heart wand – I bought a heart shaped polystyrene part for the end of the wand and Kirsten painted it red and added some sequence.


6. The boots – I found these shopping the other day at PEP of all places, they are soooo cute. The perfect shoes to finish the outfit off. The dress she has on is from Edgars that I got her for Valentines day and under it is a plain red long sleeve t-shirt.


And here we go.. The finished look…. My ‘Queen of Hearts!!’


My little craft – maker… Did you celebrate World Book Day? What did you dress your kids up as?


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