Meiya and Alvin – Teething Aid


Kieran has been teething hard for the last couple of weeks, it feels like his bottom two teeth have been pushing through FOREVER, besides the normal things we have been using for teething, we have now come to love someone new, his name is ALVIN and he is a TOTALLY adorable little Elephant.

Besides helping our little guy with his teething, he is also a sweet bedtime cuddle buddy.
Alvin the elephant has a friend for the girls too her name is Meiya the mouse and she is absolutely the cutest little mouse! The Meiya and Alvin collection is based off the story book “A day at the park with Meiya and Alvin”


WHY WE LOVE ALVIN? Its pretty simple, he is…
-Made of natural, sustainable and recyclable materials.
-PVC Free, made from natural rubber, non-toxic, BPA and phthalate free
-Loving/Kind to the environment.
-Machine washable.
-Easy to grip and soft on gums for teething.
-Soft and comforting and lastly, he is

You can find them over on #Instagram at Meiya and Alvin SA or #Facebook on Meiya and Alvin South Africa




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