With Mother’s day coming up its got me thinking about motherhood, gosh that just sounds funny, I’m always thinking about being a mommy but this time I’m thinking about the REALNESS thereof… and what real moms do, I don’t mean the awesome stuff like caring, nourishing, loving, being the rock of the household, being the heart of the home, super-hero, parent of the year stuff, I mean the REAL-MOM things we don’t like saying out loud or pretending we don’t do!!

I’m all about real motherhood because lets face it, motherhood is the realist thing there is!
From the moment you become a mother the (realness) begins.

Inspired by the Baby Dove #RealMoms campaign, I thought I would write about some of my own real mom-ism, there is no perfect way to be a mom, only your way!

I want to share some of my ‘’real-ness with you’’
Here are some of the real-mom things I’ve done (Shhhh don’t tell anyone)…
-Forgot to brush my teeth. (Basically the next few are all gross sorry). #MomLife
-Didn’t shower for like 3 days.
-Didn’t wash my hair for more than a week.
-Wore the same t-shirt like 4 days in a row.
-Used wet-wipes to ‘’wash/clean myself’’
-Peed while putting the baby to sleep or breastfeeding.
-Changed a nappy in the dark and the next morning saw poop everywhere.
-Tip toed out of a room like my life depended on it so that I could go unseen.
-Asked my 6 year old to ‘’look after’’ her brother for a few minutes so I can watch TV in peace.
-Slept through Barney and my little pony while pretending to watch it.
-Forgotten on purpose, to do the washing or cook or clean just because.
-Fed my child 2 minute noodles because I was too tired to cook.
-Put a movie on for my child so that they can just keep quiet for like a while.
-Told them mommies got a headache so that the noise level can be kept down.
-Forgotten to put money under the pillow and told my child the tooth fairy was sick.
-Said to my child that if they are quiet they can have anything they want.
-Took my child to a playdate so I can have 2 hours of peace.
-Went grocery shopping to buy ‘’water’’ even though there is water in the tap. (You get this right?) the famous grocery shopping vacation.
-Went to the movies or the toilet or garage or laundry room to cry alone because motherhood is sometimes too hard.
-Or Cried In the shower so that everyone thought it was water and not tears because well I was overwhelmed.
-Hid chocolate in my sock draw from my kid because I can’t eat anything alone.
Or Gave the kids chocolate just so that they can be still and eat for 1 minute.
-Let my kids destroy a packet of wet wipes or draw on the wall just so they are occupied.
-Sneaked my child a sip of coke that I was drinking because I was too lazy to go get her juice.
-Sat in the car a little longer before fetching my child from creche. LOL.
-Played the SILENCE game, too many times. EEEEkkkkk!
-Given into something I know my child shouldn’t be doing just to stop the nagging.
-Swore and then tried to convert it into another word in front my kids.
-Blamed something I did on dad so that I wouldn’t look like a bad mom.
-Blew my kids nose on my top or wiped it with my hand and just left it.
-Used Santa and the Easter Bunny to induce good behaviour.
-Saw a piece of art my child made and thought WTF is this!
-Chanted in my head, don’t embarrass me, don’t embarrass me over and over again or
-Kicked or poked my child’s foot under the table and mumbled some WORDS to get her to stop OVER-sharing or being a brat.
-Pretended to call the police when they did something bad! – I know I’m so naughty!

Oh my word, I look at this list and think wow I’m a bad mother, but I’m not a bad mother maybe I’m just a REAL mother? I don’t know!

Have you done any of these? Or maybe some other (REAL) mom things? I would love to hear about them!

Yours in mommyhood,
Mama N.


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