Panda Post


Been meaning to write about our package for a while now and I have finally found the time to do so.

Earlier in the year when we first started following Nina on Instagram (@pandapostlearning) we were excited about her new venture and couldn’t wait to get our hands on her first box, so when it was first available we didn’t waste any time ordering ours, and we were NOT disappointed!


I remember needing something to entertain Kirsten in the June/July holidays on those days that it was rainy and needed to be indoors and our PANDA POST definitely came to the rescue. These Educational activity boxes were amazing and they offer boxes to suite each age group. The monthly educational box service differs every month and is guaranteed to give your little one and you hours of fun!


Our package included the following;

1. A Skeleton template and split pins for the Skeleton making activity.

2. Colour stickers to practice LEFT and RIGHT.

3. Black Cardboard for tracing.

4. White board and marker for practicing numbers, patterns and games.

5. Dice man game.

6. A My body parts puzzle.

7. Scissors, glue, crayons and a flip file with gross and cognitive activities amongst other information.


Some information on the founder of Panda Post Learning;

Nina Hampton is a teacher of 3 to 9 year olds for 13 years. She has a passion for making learning fun and helping children reach their potential.
She realised that parents are often overwhelmed with where to even start doing educational activities with their children.
So her idea Panda Post was born to empower parents to engage with their children using simple activities/games and giving parents ideas to make learning fun. She wants to empower parents with the knowledge and resources to make spending quality time with their children easy and fun!

You can follow them over on INSTAGRAM- @Pandapostlearning







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