I had an idea, taken from the amazing Meghan Boggs 

She is so inspiring, she is brave, and she is beautiful! She inspired me to gather a group of moms together and celebrate our mom bodies.

The response was beautiful, the photos were beautiful and the group of moms that joined me out done themselves.

You see, I hate my body, I hate the fine lines, the fat rolls, the lumps and bumps, my huge boobs, the cellulite, it defines who I am, and for a long time it kept me in a dark hole. Away from everyone, from prying eyes, from the ugly looks and stares.

I am obese, I am 120Kgs, I blame myself, who else is there to blame but me. My worst was not so long ago. After my son was born, I noticed it, I would cry in front of the TV most of the day and shove whatever I could into my mouth to ease the pain, to fill a gaping hole, a gap. It made me happy, I felt something, yet I felt nothing, and as the weight piled on so did the misery!

I am the biggest I’ve EVER been, and yet I’m ok with who I am right now. I make unhealthy choices, I eat what I want, I live a lifestyle that’s just not right.

I am an emotional eater too, filled with emotions all the time, I am a ball of emotions and disgust.

I wanted to take photos of my body, almost as a good-bye, I want to remember the fat, the ugly, the flabby, the marks, the scars that bind me, that haunt me. My body doesn’t work for me anymore, I’ve gotten to a point where something needs to change.

THIS is not a story of bravery, of an amazing woman, of the most extraordinary weight loss! This is a story of a mom, who fights everyday to be worthy, to be ordinary when I know I’m not meant to be. It’s a story of my struggle, my postpartum, there is no BIG reveal or heroism here, only me, my bare, my broken, MY Postpartum.

To all the ladies who joined in on the photo loop, I am beyond grateful, thankful and in awe of you all and your bravery and beauty!

Lastly, to my amazing photographer and Friend Candace from Mooiste Mooi Photography

Thank you for capturing me at my worst, you made me see me, beautiful, flawed, powerful and RAW! Your talent is OVERWHELMING! You are amazing! Your passion for what you do astounds me everyday!


Here is a little Gallery of some of the photo’s we took, if anything I hope it inspires you to love the skin you are in, you are beautiful! Thank you for reading and coming along on this journey with me!

#This_Is_Postpartum #SAMombodPhotoloop





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