A Letter to my husband: 16 Years on

16 years on and I took myself back in time….

I remember the day so clearly; 21 May 2003, we were standing under a pole, well a light pole and I knew what was coming, we made it official that day, you asked me to be yours, I remember telling you ”Don’t hurt me”

I had just come out of an emotionally draining relationship and at first, I was not overly fond of you as you were always trying to talk to me and get my attention. I was in a place where I noticed no one, cared for no one and wanted to just be inside my head and in my own space.

At first, being together was just for fun, it was new, exciting, light, no emotional strings attached. I remember our back and forth SMSs, yes this is how we ”dated” back in the 2000’s LOL. You on your ridiculous cell phone and me on my Nokia 6110 with my awesome blue see-through cover. It was bliss, simple and carefree.

You used to sing to me, I would fall asleep on your lap after talking for hours or watching a movie. You made me feel like me again, you made me feel beautiful, cared for and I was put on a pedestal no one could ever touch!

Our love story is long, longer than these few paragraphs, but I always love to reminisce on that first part our honeymoon phase, where time stood still, and nothing mattered but us. 16 years later a lot has changed, we have been through more than any couple should go through, but we are still here, still together, still going on!

Thank you for the life, love and strength you have shown me, it’s been one hell of a journey with you.

P.S Never take me off that pedestal!

Forever is NEVER Enough,

Yours always, Love Nicole




2 thoughts on “A Letter to my husband: 16 Years on

  1. Why are my eyes tearing up 😢😢Such a beautiful love letter, May God continue blessing and protecting your union Nicole & husband you guys are so lucky to have one another ❤️❤️Here’s to the next 16years 💞💞

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