Fun at the Cape Town Science Centre


This weekend we visited the Cape Town Science center, I remember visiting it as a Kid when it was still in Canal Walk as my grandmother used to work there. They have moved premises and it’s definitely bigger and better!

There is an array of absolutely amazing things to see, learn and do at the CTSC, we didn’t even know where to start. Kirsten’s favourite was the waves and the friction slide, she also absolutely loved the gyroscope!

The science centre is an educational dream, they teach the young minds so much, where do you even begin, no.1 obviously being Science, Engineering, construction, Mathematics, technology and curiosity! They have an array of activities to use and be seen, and countless interactive displays and hands on equipment made for learning that you can get lost in, and we did!

I would highly recommend the Science centre to any school, if I look at how my child’s mind wondered over all the exhibits and stimulating her curiosity and willingness to learn then it’s a must, they do school tours and programmes for both Primary school and High school goers.

The CTSC is a place that has something for the whole family, we were all intrigued by different aspects of the centre and it kept us busy for 2 hours straight until we needed something to eat. I cannot even begin to take you on a journey on all the amazing things we saw and did but we loved it and so will you.

Here is a breakdown on the pricing p/d:


Youth (3-18) R65
Adult R65
Pensioner R30
Family Package (4 people) R230
Group (10 or more) R57 pp

Besides all of the amazing activities and exhibits the CTSC offers Venue hire as well as a Party Venue for all your budding Scientists.

Lastly, I appreciated the fact that they had such a lovely toddler play/explore areas well as nappy changing facilities in the bathroom, this really impressed me and saved me that day!

A special thanks to the Cape Town Science Centre for providing our family with this amazing experience, of learning, enquiring and growing, it’s definitely a place we will frequent for years to come!

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