When you find your SQUAD – Keep them


Friendships have never been easy for me, don’t get me wrong I love friends, I love being surrounded by them and I am loyal like no other, but finding friends – genuine, heart warming, crazy friends – who get you for who you are is hard to come by.

I used to sit many a time wondering, praying and hoping for people to call my own, for people to get me, to celebrate me and to want to be around me, and this year I finally found “MY PEOPLE” and I want to celebrate each one of them and share them with you all, a little glimpse of my heart, I want you to see them as I do…

OK, LETS start with SIMONE…

I followed her on the gram, her private page @mama_to_the_power_of_4 as well as her business page MonaLisa Mamas last year. I saw her at the Mama Magic Expo last year, she was a beautiful fiery red-head and I so wanted to go say HELLO but was too shy! I messaged her and told her I saw her, she asked why I didn’t come say hello, I told her I was so shy, she said well now you know me, lets be friends, the rest is kind of history.

She has the 4 most beautiful kids, she is a mother like no other, juggling motherhood, her own business and a SAHM. She loves like no other, praises like no other and SUPPORTS like no other! If you’ve ever wanted someone to be happy for you and your successes, guide you, motivate you, pick you up when you are down and know just the right words to comfort you no matter what, Simone is your GIRL!

She is basically perfection personified, what I love most about her is the values, lessons and love she instils in her kids, its an utterly beautiful sight to behold! Her generous heart, straight forwardness and amazing personality bring out the best in everyone she comes in contact with and I wouldn’t choose a better person to be by my side. Thank you Simone for being YOU, powerful, blessed, motivating, stunning beautiful inside and out!

NEXT lets talk about GABI…


I found Gabi on the gram too – @Life.and.Lillian, she needed a teepee for her daughter Lillian’s birthday last year and we chatted and I told her she can use ours. She came to fetch it brought cookies / cake and the rest is History as well.

Gabi is literally a planning, organising and creative GURU!!! I am always so astounded by the way she manages to put things so perfectly together. She is worth more than gold I tell you! I watch her sometimes – when she is not looking, especially when she is in her natural element and she has the most beautiful love for her daughter and husband and it radiates from within her.

Gabi gives so freely of herself, I don’t think she even realises what a POWER-HOUSE she is, she has strong beliefs, opinions and morals – its what I absolutely LOVE most about her. She is also so easy to talk to and talk with, I always feel like I can be completely myself around her. Her loving nature always draws me near to her. I wish she stayed around the corner though, she would probably never be able to get rid of me!

Gabi is a fabulous mom, she sticks to her guns and her invaluable parenting skills actually always leave me in awe. She underestimates how beautiful she is, how her smile makes others feel and what a easy-going, sweet and lovely person she is. Gabi, always remember how amazing, talented and mind-blowingly brave you are!

Last, but not least… Nadine


I remember following Nadine – @nadinesmallbergblog last year just before she launched her blog. I remember her first IG competition and how much I wanted to support her as a new blogger. I think it wasn’t until early this year while gathering to plan our first Insta-mama Meet that I actually had the pleasure of meeting her.

Immediately I was drawn to her, she has an infectious, bubbly, funny and warm-your-heart kind of personality. Witty, fun, charming and hard to forget! Nadine’s loving nature and honest opinions is always what draws me to her, I can tell her as it is and she gets it, she gets me and I can be me, without holding back and that’s why she is my person!

Nadine is a teacher – I know – she moulds and teaches young minds, she is a mom of 2 beautiful little munchkins as well. She is also an AMAZING photographer who inspires my own photography so much! Nadine is literally the definition of gorgeous as well. I have a total #WomanCrush on her!

She is strong! Like stronger than she thinks or knows, and has inspired me many a time this year to be better, to do better, to come out of my shell! Thank you Nadine for believing in me, for helping me be a better person, blogger and human! You are a one in a million kind of woman! xxx

Now that you know a bit more about these 3 woman, I hope it encourages you to either find your own tribe, appreciate the tribe you already have now or just love the people who matter to you more.

P.S : You CAN TOTALLY sit with US!


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