I’ve changed



You’ve changed……….

Well yes I have, I can’t be the same person forever!

Don’t you just hate that question? Oh wow you’ve changed? REALLY? Oh like how? I don’t know – but something is different!

For me, much has changed in the last 6 weeks – literally my whole world has changed. From the moment I decided to be a brand new me – I am a different version of myself – still the same-same but different. I have tons of happy endorphins running around my head, body and soul – and it brings out the REAL me!

No fake smiles, no hiding in the corner, no social awkwardness, no meaningless conversations – I WANT real – real people, real friends, real EVERYTHING!

I wrote a post last night – thinking some deep meaningful thoughts last night – leading up to my mid 30’s, you see what turning the big 3-5 does, it brings out the WISDOM – 35 Is officially my favourite age! I’ve learned so many things in the last few weeks but these stick out:

1. Time waits for no one- go get what you want : Go out there and get what you want – make it happen, you are responsible for your own happiness – chase those dreams – make them happen!

2. People can’t smell what you need from them- tell them! – WOW honestly this one is the one I struggled most with – you see, you need, you want – make sure your needs are vocalised – be it in the bedroom, the workplace or in your social surroundings!

3. Life is too short for anything meaningless- make every second of everyday count! I want every moment of my life to be RAW, REAL and MEANINGFUL – I want it all -I want to see right into every situation and into the soul of every person I speak to! I want and seek connections now like I’ve never needed before – lets be meaningful together – me and you!

4. Not everyone is going to like you- and that’s ok! – THIS is really a profound thing for me – I always wanted people to like me for me – but guess what you are NOT everyones cup of tea – you are not for each and every person out there! Its ok, its why we are all so different in the first place!

5. Find and keep the people that set your heart, mind and soul on fire – find people who inspire you, who light your fire, who push you to be the best you, who motivate you, who make your heart beat a little bit faster, who set your soul on FIRE!

6. Be you- just you – no one else. Why would you want to be anyone else but you? You were made to be uniquely you – OWN it!

7. Do things that bring and spark joy! – life is too short to do things that bring you no joy! Seek joy in everything you do.

8. Don’t be afraid of your feelings – I am the QUEEN of feelings -always scared, keeping them bottled inside – don’t get me wrong now- I can and I will say what’s on my mind – no care in the world for saying how I feel or voice an opinion – but those deep ingrained feelings – you know the ones you think about just before you fall asleep at night – THOSE – yes those are the ones I’m talking about – don’t be afraid of them, own them, feel them, talk about them – I love to love feelings -lets feel together! Are you even alive without feelings?

9. Life is damn hard, but so am I : Well this is self explanatory – right? We’ve all had mountains to climb, some more than others. We are still standing regardless, lets soldier on!

10. Lastly, it’s the simple things that mean the most, that feel the most and bring the most joy! : Keep it simple Sally, simple is beautiful! Simplicity is my middle name!

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