Hairdorables Series 2: Toy Review

Last year we received the Hairdorables Series 2 and Pets to review from Just Fun Toys. The Hairdorables are a collectable item, with 26 dolls to collect! One of which is a rare and another 1 Ultra rare collectable!

The girl squad with “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes. #Hairdorables took off when Noah, a sweet and funny vlogger with a passion for hair-styling, decided to share her side-braiding tutorial on YouTube. While shooting her video, Noah fumbled over the words “hair” and “adorable”…accidentally coining the term “hairdorable”! To Noah’s surprise, her video and #Hairdorable went viral overnight!

The collection consists of 26 dolls. What we loved most is that each of the packages hides a surprise! You get to pull away and reveal 11 surprises, including a new Colour Reveal accessory. A distinctive feature of the second series of Hairdorables is that some accessories of the dolls change colour!

Based on the iconic girls from the YouTube series, Hairdorables. Each doll has a unique name, outfit/style with their own personality and unique talents, accessories, fun stickers and amazing hairstyles – which was so exciting for Kirsten!


We were gifted 2 of the 26 dolls in the series and the first one is Dee Dee.

Dee Dee – She is positive and likes to cook sweet masterpieces in the kitchen! Her pets name is Taffy Rabbit -. Dee Dee is her best friend. Her Favourite thing is to play the classics and Her accessory is a bezel.



The second doll we received was Kali loves everything related to science and technology, but her real passion is coding. Her pets name is Zip. Zip is Kali’s best friend and her Favourite thing is – a roller coaster. Her Accessory – a decoration tiara.



The Hairdorables pets – Like the Hairdorables dolls, surprise pets hide under a lock in a box with windows. There are eight surprises in the box, namely:

• 2 accessories (headwear or jewelry and favourite thing);
• 2 stickers;
• collector’s sheet;
• pedigree;
• brush / comb;
• pet adoption card


Thank you Just fun Toys for sending Kirsten these lovely Hairdorables and Pets. Loads of fun was had and she enjoys plating and playing with their fun hair so much!

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