The Mom Series 2.0 : Meet Zeenah


It’s been a passion of mine to see motherhood through different lenses – different view and share them with my readers. A small peak into the world of another mom – helps us connect woman to woman – showing our struggles, strengths and individualities as we walk this bath of mommyhood. Each of us so are so unique and each parenting path so completely different that we as woman and mother are constantly evolving and we in turn are always learning from each other.

First up on the Mom-series 2.0, I offer you a glimpse into the world of – mother, wife, supermom – my friend Zeenah. I’ve asked her a bunch of questions – here is a small dip into her world… (Enjoy!)

Give me a little introduction (a few sentences about yourself):

I am Zeenah, a parent blogger from Cape Town and full time working mom.  Currently I am juggling working from home, looking after the kids and managing my household, it is a tough job.

We are a family of 7.  I have a young adult (19 years old), a 16 year old teen a 3 year old toddler and 2 year old twins.  All boys.

My husband is Bashier, we are married for 5 years now.  The 2 older boys are from my previous marriage.  I was a single mother for 8 years before Bashier and I married.

I started my blog for fun, but it now serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in my loyal readers as to what inspires me in my crazy busy world.

Describe your typical day in 5 words or less.

Go with the flow lol.

Name 3 things you can’t live without.

My family, my phone, alone time.

Attach a picture of your current mom bag and what’s inside.

Name 1 thing you wish you knew before you became a mom.

I wish I knew more about PPD, I wish I researched it more.  I wish I knew that it was reaal.  Experiencing PPD was another level of alone.  I remember when my 16 year old was born all the mixed feelings that were so overwhelming, how all I wanted to do was sleep with my baby in a dark room.

What do you do when the kids are asleep or napping?

I wish I could say napping too.  I catch up on my work because working from home with kids is brutal.  Sometimes I only catch up and work at night.

What’s the best part of your day?  

The best part of my day is when my twins wake me up in the morning with soft kisses and playing with my face.  It is by far the cutest alarm I have ever had.

Name a few of your mom Guilty pleasures.

During lockdown my guilty pleasure is going shopping alone, as much as this may sound abnormal if it was pre lockdown.  Currently this is my guility pleasure and I revel in it :).

What has been the scariest moment of your mom life and who did you look to for support?

The most scariest moment was definitely the time I finally left my ex husband (I left twice and went back, the 3rd time was the final time) with a 6 year old and a 3 year old.  My parents and family were my biggest support.  Today, 13 years later my ex husband and I are ok, I made the best decision for our boys at the time. 

Name one thing (anything) that you would do if you weren’t afraid and were fearless and there were no consequences and nothing to hold you back.

I would definatly do bungi jumping or paragliding.  I am really afraid of heights.

Name something that your mom taught you that you have taken into your own motherhood / parenthood.

Raising teens is very scary.  Extremely scary.  My mom has taught me to always check where my kids are and make sure they know that you know and will check up on them.  

If you could be anyone for just one day who would you be?

I would be Beyonce.  I want her voice, her dance moves.  I already have the twins and the loving husband hahaha.

Worst mom-fail?

I once forgot to fetch my son from school when he 9 after his cricket practice.  Yes, I literally forgot.  Usually my dad fetched him, but this day I was supposed to fetch him.  I got home at 5pm and he was still at school.

In what way / How has motherhood changed you?

Motherhood has most definitely taught me patience.  Wait….Motherhood has actually tested my patience, I then had to learn to be patient.  With 3 Little ones, a simple task like putting on shoes can seem like forever.  Imagine you are putting on Twin 1s shoes and while you put on the other Twin 2s shoes,  Twin 1 has taken his off again.

If your house was burning down, name 3 things you’d grab besides the kids and pets?

My laptop, my sons superhero costumes and the snack box.

Send me a photo when you were at your worst or best during your motherhood journey and tell me why you chose it.

This is a picture just minutes after giving birth to the twins.  I was at my worst, obviously mixed emotions, pain and so overwhelmed.  But I was also at my best.  I felt complete, my heart was overflowing and I felt a different kind of happiness that is unexplainable.

Name one thing you would change about yourself and one thing you wouldn’t.

I would love to change my boob size lol.  It is so huge (I think it is).  I always got teased when I was younger so I am still so self conscious over my double Ds.

What I wouldn’t change the colour of complexion and my skin.  I never really struggled with problematic skin or bad breakouts growing up and I never over compensate on skincare.  The occasional period pimple is basically all that I have to deal with.  As a teen and sometimes now I only cleanse, tone and moisturise.  But my real secret is water.  I only wash my face with cold water and then use a non greasy moisturiser with an SPF factor.

What piece of advice would you give to a new mom starting her journey?

It’s ok not to be ok.  That was the best advice given to me, and I love to carry it over to new moms.

Who is your biggest support, attach a photo of you and him/her.

My biggest support is my husband.  He has been my biggest fan from the moment I met him.  Sure I labelled him a stalker at first, but he is my number 1 supporter for sure.

What is the best part of being a mom, only ONE thing please, I know it’s a hard one.

The best part is the hugs and kisses.  I just can’t get enough of how gentle my little boys, and big boys are.

Best book you’ve ever read.

I haven’t read a book in so long.  But I would say the 7 habits of Kids by Steven Covey.

Have you ever been judged for how you do things as a mom or how you parent? If so, why?

When I got divorced there were so many judgments on how I raised my kids and how I did not.  Needless to say friendships were lost, new friendships grew and I parented as best I could for my boys and I.

Worst parenting advice you ever received?

Sync your twins to sleep.  I still laugh at this advice, mainly because it did not even come from a twin mom.  Whether twins or not, no 2 kids are the same.  It’s very easy to say sync them to sleep, but besides at bed time, my twins never nap at the same time.

Is there a moment or event in your life that radically changed the way you saw the world?

Yes, I would say when I got divorced.  I had a really low self esteem after my divorce.  I had to bounce back quickly for the sake of my 2 boys and it was a whole new world for all 3 of us.

Being a twin-mom share a mom-hack you have learnt that you find most useful as a mom of twin boys.

I have never in my life used a pram so much in my life.  The most useful twin hack for me is making my twins to sleep in their pram.  Twins are not newborns forever and surely no one can rock 2 babies to sleep simultaneously.  I still make them to sleep in the pram.  I use the Joie lightweight side by side stroller.

One piece of advice would you give to your 21 year old self?

Trust your gut.  I can pick up on bad vibes.So many times I have fallen short or been disappointed because I never trusted my gut.

Zee, thank you so much for being apart of the mom-series. Your story, your advice and insight into parenting is so insightful. I enjoyed a glimpse into your heart and life so much. All my love! xx

If you want to see and hear more from Zeenah you can follow her over on

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