The MOM-SERIES 2.0 : Meet Hayley

Next up on the Mom-series we have Hayley! Enjoy!

  • Give me a little introduction (a few sentences about yourself)

I’m a Cape Town Mom of 2, trying to live her best life!

I work in the financial services industry and I also manage my own blog, Hayley’s Joys – where I share snippets of mom-life as well as some of my favourite things.

I love reading, spending time with friends & family, travelling and living life to its fullest.

  • Describe your typical day in 5 words or less.

Coffee, Work, Play, Eat, Sleep!

  • Name 3 things you can’t live without.

My family, my laptop/phone and water!

  • Attach a picture of your current mom bag and what’s inside.

It’s very minimalistic since COVID as I hardly go anywhere these days.

  • Name 1 thing you wish you knew before you became a mom.

I wish I had an idea of how difficult the first 3 months after having baby would be… the lack of sleep and all the baby niggles. I could have been better mentally prepared the first time around.

  • What do you do when the kids are asleep or napping?

Gosh, I wish they still napped! However, they go to bed at 7pm which give me time to myself. I usually catch up on some work, read or watch some TV.

  • What’s the best part of your day?

That first cup of coffee in the morning after I drop the kids off at school.

  • Name a few of your mom Guilty pleasures.

Coffee, Champagne and lindt balls!

  • What has been the scariest moment of your mom life and who did you look to for support?

Aidan had RSV at the age of 8 weeks which was so so scary! We spent a week in hospital. He was so little and had to endure weeks of physio which was awful. I wouldn’t have survived it without my husband though. He was and still is there for me and the kids every step of the way.

  • Name one thing (anything) that you would do if you weren’t afraid and were fearless and there were no consequences and nothing to hold you back.

I would probably release a song and music video ha ha I’m not the best singer but I love music.

  • Name something that your mom taught you that you have taken into your own motherhood / parenthood.

When things are tough, my Mom always says “this too shall pass” so I try to remember those words whenever the kids are sick or when days are just crazy!

  • If you could be anyone for just one day who would you be?

JLo – I mean… come on, imagine being that hot and talented!

  • Worst mom-fail?

I’ll never forget the day I went to Blue Route Mall with Alyssa who was about 3 months old at the time. As we were walking about she became really cranky. As I lifted her out of her pram, I could smell something was cooking in her nappy! Nothing could have prepared me for the poonami that exploded all the way down her back. I am still traumitised to this day! I must have used a whole packet of wet wipes to get rid of the mess. I had to throw away everything she wore that day.

  • In what way/How has motherhood changed you?

The day I gave birth to Alyssa, my whole world changed! Becoming a parent just puts so many things in perspective. I don’t sweat the small stuff anymore!

  • If your house was burning down, name 3 things you’d grab besides the kids and pets?

My favourite plant, old photo albums and sentimental jewellery

  • Send me a photo when you were at your worst or best during your motherhood journey and tell me why you chose it.

The picture was taken a while ago without me knowing it. But I love it. It actually looks like a paparazzi took the pic 🙂 but it just sums up how my “hands are full” yet we move on, keep going and enjoy the moments in between.

  • Name one thing you would change about yourself and one thing you wouldn’t.

I would never change my calm demeanour but at the same time I wish I could speak up more when I’m not happy about something… I tend to avoid conflict at all costs. I’m a typical Enneagram type 9 🙂  

  • What piece of advice would you give to a new mom starting her journey?

The one piece of advice I would give a new Mom is to remember that YOU KNOW YOUR BABY BEST. Sometimes advice is welcome, however there is nothing like a mothers intuition. 

  • Who is your biggest support, attach a photo of you and him/her

It’s definitely my husband 🙂

  • What is the best part of being a mom, only ONE thing please, I know it’s a hard one.

Being responsible for little human beings 24/7 and 365!

  • Best book you’ve ever read.

Ah there are so many …. But something that’s recent and top of mind is … Where the Crawdads sing

  • Have you ever been judged for how you do things as a mom or how you parent? If so, why?

Not to my face ha ha … but I’m sure I have been

  • Worst parenting advise you ever received?

Oh my goodness – all the old wives tales while being pregnant and with a newborn… like give my 2 week old baby water or put a coin on the umbilical cord! Crazy…

  • Tell our readers why they need to go on a mom-vacation.

There are many benefits of going on a solo mom vacay! I even wrote a blog post about it here.

  • Give us one or two mommy-hacks you use on a daily basis.

I always try to wake up an hour before my kids so I can get my day started without any interruptions and I am very strict when it comes to bedtime. Since my kids were babies we’ve stuck to a 7pm bedtime and it remains that way! It gives Kurt and I time to relax together.

  • If you could tell your younger self – just one piece of advice – what would it be?

Save, save and save! – I really wish I didn’t spend so much unnecessary money in my twenties and saved more 😦

Thank you so much Haylz for this insight into motherhood, parenthood, womanhood – you are amazing!

You can find Hayley over on;

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