A Letter to my husband: 16 Years on

16 years on and I took myself back in time.... I remember the day so clearly; 21 May 2003, we were standing under a pole, well a light pole and I knew what was coming, we made it official that day, you asked me to be yours, I remember telling you ''Don't hurt me'' I … Continue reading A Letter to my husband: 16 Years on

The Mom Series: Meet NICOLE

MEET NICOLE   Hi, I’m Nicole, mom to Kirsten and Kieran. I blog over at Raising K Squared. I am a Joburg girl, more specifically an East-Rander, however I am originally from Cape Town. We moved back here 3 years ago. I am a dreamer, creative and soft soul. Motherhood is my greatest journey and … Continue reading The Mom Series: Meet NICOLE