12 Days of Christmas Swap

It’s the 5th annual 12 Days of Christmas Swap, and its the first one where Simone has handed it over to me completely to take the reigns - I am beyond excited and so happy to take this over from my bestie - thank you for entrusting me with this - I feel honoured~ So.......Do … Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas Swap

The MOM-SERIES 2.0 : Meet Hayley

Next up on the Mom-series we have Hayley! Enjoy! Give me a little introduction (a few sentences about yourself) I’m a Cape Town Mom of 2, trying to live her best life! I work in the financial services industry and I also manage my own blog, Hayley’s Joys - where I share snippets of mom-life … Continue reading The MOM-SERIES 2.0 : Meet Hayley